Deployed Around the World

Compact, lightweight and designed for applications ranging from fixed security installations to mid-sized vehicles and vessels, the LRAD 500X-RE easily mounts and transports to provide law enforcement, homeland security, and defense personnel unparalleled long-range communication and safe, scalable non-kinetic escalation of force. The U.S. Navy and U.S. Army’s acoustic hailing device (AHD) of choice for small vessels and vehicles, the extended frequency range of the LRAD 500X-RE ensures broadcasts are clearly heard and understood on the ground, from the air or at sea in all environments.
  1. Rugged, military tested construction
  2. Low power requirements
  3. All-weather use
  4. Simple to operate
  5. Increased coverage with single operator
  6. Safer alternative to non-lethal and kinetic measures
  7. HD Camera (optional)
    • Highly intelligible communication up to 2,000 meters
    • Safely communicates beyond stand-off distances to determine intent
    • Variable beam width
    • Extended coverage
    • Clear, long-range, directional communication
    • Creates instant acoustic standoff perimeter