Helicopter-Mounted Air-to-Ground Communication System

The LRAD 500X-MMT is an advanced air-to-ground communication system that is self-powered and completely autonomous from other aircraft systems. The LRAD 500X-MMT broadcasts loud, highly intelligible voice messages and attention commanding warning tones out to 2,000 meters over wind, engine and rotor wash. Classified as a payload by the FAA, the LRAD 500X-MMT easily mounts to the cabin floor of a wide range of helicopters using cargo tie-down quick disconnect fittings. Featuring a rugged mount with a full range of pan & tilt motion and an integrated rechargeable power pack that provides 4 to 6+ hours of continuous operation, the LRAD 500X-MMT significantly enhances the operational effectiveness of airborne law enforcement in a variety of missions.
  1. Ruggedized mount allows operator to aim and lock LRAD into position
  2. Self powered for 4 to 6+ hours of continuous operation when fully charged
  3. Integrated battery monitor displays battery charge level reading
  4. Simple to install and operate
  5. Control unit may be mounted on the back of the LRAD or operated via remote cable (included)
  6. Mounts to helicopter cabin floor with included jaw clamps
  1. Powerful, intelligible communication to 2,000 meters
  2. Variable beam width for extended coverage
  3. Quickly installed and removed from helicopter
  4. Self-powered
  5. STC not required