The Loudest, Longest Range Mid-Size AHD

Low profile, lightweight and designed for temporary or fixed mounting on tripods, small vessels, vehicles, and Common Remotely Operated Weapon Stations (CROWS), the LRAD 450XL incorporates LRAD’s patented technology to generate the audio output of a unit almost twice its size and weight with the same high level of clarity and intelligibility consistent with the LRAD product line. The LRAD 450XL is easily transported to provide a highly effective, long-range communications and warning capability. The LRAD 450XL is rapidly being adopted for security and defense applications around the world.
  1. Rugged, military tested construction
  2. Low power requirements
  3. All-weather use
  4. Scalable, lightweight & portable
  5. Simple to use – Increased coverage with single operator
  6. Safer alternative to non-lethal measures
  7. HD Camera (optional)
  1. Highly intelligible communication up to 1,700 meters
  2. Safely communicates beyond standoff distances to determine intent
  3. Variable beam width for extended coverage
  4. Clear, long range, directional communication
  5. Establishes instant acoustic standoff perimeter