LRAD 2000X

Hail, Warn & Communicate Up to 5.5 Kilometers

The superior voice intelligibility and clarity of the LRAD 2000X provides a directional audio broadcast that safely communicates with exceptional clarity far beyond normal standoff distances. The extended frequency range of the LRAD 2000X ensures that broadcasts will be clearly heard and understood over distances up to 5,500 meters in any type of terrain and environment. LRAD 2000X operators have the ability to issue authoritative voice commands and powerful deterrent tones to safely alter behavior and enhance response capabilities. LRAD 2000X installations are proliferating as homeland security and public safety agencies are recognizing it as a more effective, less costly alternative to secure sovereign borders and protect critical infrastructure.
  1. Rugged military tested construction
  2. Low power requirements
  3. All-weather use
  4. Scalable & portable
  5. Increased coverage with single operator
  6. Safer alternative to non-lethal deterrent options
  7. Significantly less costly than fences and other fixed border measures
  1. Highly intelligible communication up to 5,500 meters
  2. Safely communicates far beyond normal standoff distances
  3. Variable beam width for extended coverage
  4. Clear, long range, directional communication
  5. Creates instant acoustic fence