Communication, Security & Response for Ships, Borders, Ports and Critical Infrastructure

The superior voice intelligibility and extended broadcast range of the LRAD 1950XL empowers hails, warnings and voice communications far beyond normal standoff distances. The LRAD 1950XL provides operators the capability to issue clear, authoritative warnings, verbal commands, and attention commanding deterrent tones to change threat behavior, initiate and scale EOF, and enhance response capabilities. The optimized frequency range and advanced technology of the LRAD 1950XL ensures voice messages are clearly heard and understood in any language over distances out to 5,000 meters.
The LRAD 1950XL features LRAD Corporation’s patented XL driver technology, which generates higher audio output in a smaller and lighter form factor.
  1. Rugged, military tested construction
  2. Low power requirements
  3. All weather use
  4. Fixed infrastructure
  5. Simple to operate
  6. Increased security coverage
  7. Improved operational efficiency
  8. Increased response capabilities
  9. Safer alternative to non-lethal deterrent options
  1. Powerful, intelligible communication up to 5,000 meters
  2. Clear, long-range directional communication
  3. Communicate beyond standoff distances to determine intent
  4. Creates instant acoustic standoff perimeter
  1. Remote MP3 control unit with 2GB onboard storage memory
  2. Microphone, with record on the fly capability for immediate record and playback
  3. MP3 Auxiliary Cable allows connection to any audio device with a headphone jack
  4. USB cable to download files to the MP3 player
  5. Aluminum Tripod, rugged and easily transportable, sets up quickly for rapid deployment
  6. Audio Normalizer software for creating customized audio recordings on PCs