Portable Communication for Every Operational Scenario

The LRAD 100X MAG-HS Kit consists of an LRAD 100X, a high-strength magnet mount that clamps to, and unclamps from, magnetic surfaces with a turn of a knob, an LRAD Wireless Kit for remote operation, an AC-powered battery charger, an MP3 player with an all-weather record-on-the-fly mic, a watertight, dustproof hard case, and other accessories.

Self-contained, portable, and featuring an extended voice broadcast range out to 600 meters, the LRAD 100X ensures voice messages are clearly heard and understood. LRAD’s optimized driver, waveguide, and power efficiency technologies enable the LRAD 100X to provide several hours of clear, continuous communication from a single battery charge.

  1. 8-hour rechargeable battery
  2. Optional power sources
  3. Simple operator interface
  4. Water resistant
  5. Operate easily with gloves or MOPP gear
  6. HD Camera (optional) – Quick connect/disconnect camera and mount for recording video and audio during LRAD operation. Includes 4GB micro SDHC for up to 210 minutes of date and time stamped recordings
  1. Powerful, intelligible voice communications from close range out to 600 meters
  2. Focused, directional broadcasts for targeted communication
  3. Safely communicate beyond standoff distances
  4. Create instant acoustic standoff perimeter
  5. Safely deliver clearly heard and understood voice communications into buildings & vehicles