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Genasys solution integrates with a variety of industrial infrastructure: from gas leak sensors and man down alarms to access control systems and badge scanners so you always have accountability of your workforce.
Outdoor and Indoor Notification to Everyone On-Site

Critical Communications

Genasys provides notification to employees, contractors, visitors and guests – both in the corporate offices as well as field sites. We integrate with HR systems for employee notification, guest management systems for contractors and visitors, auto discovery to notify anyone present on-site and SMS opt-in for a temporary easy enrollment

One of the challenges in the oil & gas production is inability to leverage smartphones in hazardous environments. Genasys can broadcast alerts to intrinsically safe radios and pagers so that your employees are always protected. Genasys integrates with LRAD speakers that provide unparalleled clarity of voice transmission, so you can broadcast precise instructions to those that need them – based on what the situation dictates.

Genasys Emergency Managment

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