Enterprise Safety

Keeping Businesses Safe

Reach anyone, anywhere with important notifications and emergency alerts.

Panic Buttons & Lone Worker Duress

The Genasys Panic App enables individuals to instantly send an emergency notification to organizational security contacts with a push of a button.

Facility Wide Alerting

Genasys Emergency Management supports mulitple facility-based security devices that enable employees to receive critical alerts & notifications

Desktop Alerts

Desktop alerts are invaluable in the office environment. When everyone is too busy to pay attention to phone calls, SMS and emails, desktop alerts are truly intrusive.

Advanced & Customized Report Generation

The Advanced Reporting Module includes a set of the most in demand organizational Incident Reports and the option for each department or location to customize the reports.

Facility Long Range Voice Speakers

Featuring solar power, satellite connectivity, multiple Command and Control options, and the mass notification industry’s highest Speech Transmission Index rating – 0.95 out of 1.0 – Genasys Speaker Arrays continue to operate when existing power and telecommunications infrastructure goes down.

Facility Evacuation Planning

Increase operational efficiency Pre-planning reduces agencies’ “reflex” time during an incident and ensures that teams are always ready for action.

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