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Genasys and

Enhance Decision-Making with AI-Powered Traffic Models 

Genasys Protect EVAC seamlessly integrates with Ladris, an AI system for predictive risk management, to offer a comprehensive view of all-hazard events as they happen. This is achieved through intricate models that account for evacuations, traffic conditions, and road congestion scenarios. Ladris provides real-time data visualization and utilizes AI-powered predictive forecasting to simulate countless “what-if” scenarios. As Ladris continuously gathers and processes more data over time, its AI algorithms become increasingly refined and accurate. This in-depth situational awareness combined with EVAC enables highly effective, data-driven decisions.

Interested in Genasys Protect TRAFFIC AI by Ladris?

Screenshot of Ladris' traffic management dashboard.

Benefits Genasys Protect TRAFFIC AI by Ladris

Enhances Decision Making

Utilize in-depth situational awareness to optimize resource allocation, streamline traffic management, and scale response efforts effectively.

Rapid Response

React promptly to emergencies by visualizing real-time, accurate event progression data on the map, all with Genasys Protect TRAFFIC AI by Ladris.

Continuous Improvement

Ladris continuously improves predictive capabilities as AI accesses more information and encounters a wider range of scenarios.

Proactive Modeling

Conduct hundreds of simulations to gain insights and adapt to gaps and bottlenecks within your evacuation network.

“The data modeling aids our team beyond just evacuation planning; it also provides important data that can be used for fuel removal planning along evacuation routes and help identify potential infrastructure improvements.”

Steve Monaghan
Chief Information Officer & OES Director
County of Nevada – Ladris customer

About Ladris

Ladris Technologies is the leading provider of artificial intelligence models that forecast the impacts of man-made and climate-driven disasters on infrastructure and population for use by governments and enterprises. Ladris AI enables users to create dynamic evacuation simulations before, during, and after emergency events with quantified evacuation times and traffic congestion conditions, allowing users to analyze “what-if” scenarios that show how specific changes may impact readiness, response plans, and operations. For more information, visit