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Customer Success Stories

Large enterprises in crucial sectors turn to Genasys to help uphold duty of care and protect assets.

  • Stadium and Large Campus
  • Oil & Gas
  • Utilities
Stadium and Large Campus

Boston Red Sox trusts Genasys Protect to enhance game day and event safety for team members, staff, and fans

Red Sox replaced its legacy mass notification system with modern Protective Communications to improve emergency communications and safety operations at Fenway Park.

Oil & Gas

Aramco taps Genasys to create, manage, and deliver geo-targeted, multichannel notifications to employees

With Genasys Protect, Aramco adds a powerful and intuitive orchestration and management layer on top of existing physical and digital infrastructure.


Golden State is keeping their people safe with Genasys

Golden State Water turns to Genasys Protect to inform utility customers of service outages, system maintenance, and other customer-related communications.

The Genasys Protect Difference

Open-API and cloud-first, Genasys Protective Communications solutions offer new technology for a new age, future-proofing through open architecture and integration into the community ecosystem.

Plan: Build the foundation of Protective Communications

  • icon-matter
    API-First Data Foundation
  • icon-settings
    Intelligent Zone-Based Planning
  • icon-webhook
    Predictive Simulation
API-First Data Foundation

Aggregate your choice of numerous discrete data streams, including HR Systems, CCTV, IoT sensors, panic buttons, fire alarms, Intterra, NOAA, and more. The result is a simplified, customized and unified operating picture that facilitates collaboration among emergency managers to keep people and assets protected.

Intelligent Zone-Based Planning

Define and customize asset-based zones – from complete corporate campuses to individual buildings to separate floors and individual rooms – to enable unmatched precision in critical communications and ensure the right people receive the right message at the right time.

Predictive Simulation

Tap advanced simulation tools to test and refine response and evacuation plans. Analyze historical data to predict changing traffic patterns in evacuation zones. Test “what-if” scenarios to validate response plans and understand the implications of different scenarios and changing conditions before they unfold.

Act: Execute a pre-tested, data-informed, coordinated response

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    Multi-Channel Alert Saturation
  • icon-dots
    Real-Time Response Adaptation
  • icon-conect
    Coordinate Response Orchestration
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    Genasys Acoustic Devices
Multi-Channel Alert Saturation

Blanket response zones with location-appropriate messaging disseminated across personal devices, public notification systems (highway signage and outdoor acoustic devices), media platforms (TV, radio, and social media), and digital properties (public-facing website and mobile app).

Real-Time Response Adaptation

Adjust responses as live data tracks events unfolding. Enable emergency managers to re-run predictive simulations based on current data and successfully adapt to changing conditions. Rapidly redeploy resources to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Coordinate Response Orchestration

Extend coverage and enable greater precision as nearby and adjacent jurisdictions and private-sector organizations deploy Genasys Protect. Build an orchestrated network of protection that is greater than the sum of its parts. Create a virtuous cycle of constant improvement to build more effective response plans.

Genasys Acoustic Devices

Provide failsafe redundancy via highly audible and intelligible messaging via remotely operated high-fidelity acoustic devices. Eliminate confusion in densely populated areas by providing clear instructions according to templated alert messaging that can be heard over loud ambient noise and at great distances.

Optimize: Refine response plans for continuous improvement

  • icon-find
    Analyze Post-Event Data
  • icon-square
    Learn How Response Models Behave
  • icon-map
    Improve Response Plans
Analyze Post-Event Data

Tap advanced analytics to evaluate data and actions to enhance how Genasys Protect safeguards your community and builds more effective response plans.

Learn How Response Models Behave

Conduct a full incident and process assessment based on first-party real-world data.

Improve Response Plans

Apply learnings back to the planning stage to create a virtuous cycle of constant improvement.

Ready when it matters

Keep your organization prepared for any what-if with Genasys Protect

The Genasys Protect platform combines the most comprehensive preparedness, response, and analytics solutions to keep your people, business operations, and assets protected against the impacts of both predictable disruptions and unexpected events.