Protective Communications: Extending the Capabilities of Today’s Mass Notification Systems

As extreme weather, natural disasters, and human-caused critical events increase in both frequency and severity, municipal and corporate emergency response managers are under growing pressure to keep people safe and property protected. The legacy mass notification solutions that emergency response managers have relied on for years can’t keep pace with today’s growing threats.

Fortunately, Genasys is leading the critical event management industry into the new age of Protective Communications, which fills the gap left by legacy mass notification solutions. Specifically, Genasys Protective Communications solutions provide emergency response managers with capabilities that legacy mass notification solutions cannot deliver:

  • Predictive simulation modeling: Machine learning-based intelligence enables predictive simulation of critical events and their impacts before events occur, allowing managers to test their response plans before they need to be enacted.  
  • Precision notification targeting: Intelligent zone-based planning allows emergency response managers to segment their constituencies by geography or other attributes to ensure targeted communications are finely tuned and delivered to the right people at the right time.
  • Unified response orchestration: Comprehensive real-time event modeling enables agencies and enterprise safety teams to coordinate multi-agency responses through a singular shared dashboard, facilitating tighter collaboration and joint preparedness based on a common operating picture.   

Download our eBook, Extend the Capabilities of Your Mass Notification Solution with Protective Communications, to learn why Protective Communications is the modern approach that state & local governments and commercial enterprises need to be ready when it matters.