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CCaaS and Integrated Solutions
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Main: U.S. Tel: 1 855 GENASYS (436-2797) • International +1 858 676-1112
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For technical support and service for products purchased from a licensee, dealer, distributor or installer, please contact them directly.

Manufacturing Procedure and Technical Support

We are a company that is responsible for manufacturing high quality solutions and systems that meet international standards in the manufacture of its components.

We also care about the life cycle of our different components that are part of these solutions and systems, ensuring that they reach final customers through authorized channels (including those given directly).
When the components leave the factory, they already have all the dedicated software and hardware installed, which ends embedded in the components, adding value, facilitating its deployment and use to our end customers.

The installation of all the components in our solutions and systems before leaving the factory go through the respective quality assurance and control. Our Warranty or its extensions, cover all of these components according to our contractual conditions. Our solutions and systems use the following components in a basic way:

  • Software or firmware or installed program.
  • Microprocessor or DSP for signal processing.
  • Power Control Module for signal amplification

All these components are installed in our factory including the customized requirements that our clients might need.

Delivery to customers and acceptance by them through the respective verification protocols are practices that are applied by default, and where you can appreciate the ease of use of these solutions and systems.
Also at the client’s request, assistance can be made in the deployment of the system and solution, since the ease of this makes it as a plug and play; But these will have a cost.

Our support communication channels are available both by phone and by email, this can be verified on our Genasys website.