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A New Brand for the New Era of Protective Communications

By Richard Danforth, Genasys CEO

Today, I am incredibly proud to unveil a significant new initiative: our new corporate brand. A new logo, new colors, and a new website, yes, but this rebrand is about far more than optics – it’s about the major step forward that Genasys is taking in the field of critical event management. 

Today, we are launching the world’s first Protective Communications platform and ushering in a new era of integrated data, software, and hardware solutions that fundamentally redefine how emergency response managers in local and regional governments and commercial enterprises prepare for and manage unpredictable and unavoidable events.

Protective Communications is a huge “shift left” that organizations and agencies must make to keep abreast of technology innovations and maximize their efforts to keep people safe and property protected in an increasingly complex world.

As natural disasters, extreme weather, social and political unrest, crime, infrastructure failures and more increase in severity and frequency (and can happen in any combination simultaneously), we have responded by consolidating our portfolio of products to help our customers be ready when it matters™. This consolidation better enables our customers to transition from a reactive stance to a proactive posture, positioning them to be ready for any and all what-if scenarios.

The centerpiece of our consolidated Protective Communications solutions is the Genasys Protect™ platform, a comprehensive suite of software and systems that blends machine learning, deep analytics, predictive simulation, granular segmentation, multi-channel messaging, and intelligent response orchestration to usher emergency response managers and the communities they protect into this new age of Protective Communications.

Our industry must do better; today, we show that it can

Yesterday’s mass notification technology broke new ground when one-to-many alerting capability first emerged decades ago. But today, legacy mass notification systems lack the augmented intelligence, fine-tuned granularity, and proactive planning capabilities that the Genasys Protect platform enables. The strategic decision to consolidate all of our product initiatives under one technological “roof” reflects our belief that intelligent, machine-learning-enabled software solutions must complement the acoustic device hardware we’ve long been (and will continue to be) known for.

At Genasys, we talk about and live the mantra, ready when it matters. Ready means more than just being prepared. Here’s how we think about this simple yet incredibly powerful message:

  • Ready means organizations and enterprises have the confidence that comes from knowing their response plans have been fully tested and are backed by a partner with more than four decades of front-line experience.
  • Ready means aggregating a wealth of trusted data sources that give our customers unmatched real-time visibility into their people, their assets, and their environment. 
  • Ready means tapping robust modeling and simulation of critical events before they occur to test and validate response plans.
  • Ready means filtering out false alarms and reacting to real threats faster.
  • Ready means being able to handle any situation, from predictable disruptions to large-scale, unexpected events – even when multiple events are happening at the same time. 
  • Ready means upholding a duty of care to keep everyone safe and informed by delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. 
  • Ready means constantly evolving, using data and insights from one incident response to drive better, more efficient outcomes in the next.

We have seen how our customers across so many sectors and around the world – from federal, state, and local agencies in the U.S. and abroad, to large-scale energy-sector utilities, to international brands in manufacturing and other industries, to large entertainment venues, to university and enterprise campuses and more – partner with Genasys to keep their people safe and assets protected. Their trust in our products, technology and brand shows that we are moving the industry in the right direction.  

How we got here: people, innovative thinking, and hard work

The work behind the scenes that got us where we are now must be acknowledged and celebrated. We are fortunate to have hired, developed, and retained great talent from around the world. 

Our sales, marketing, engineering, development, and customer success teams collaborated seamlessly on reshaping the product portfolio and rebranding the company. Strong leaders within each organization aligned on the rationale for the repositioning, and these teams came together to get the job done. 

Our entire force at Genasys – all of our employees – are rallying behind our new vision of preparedness and are committing their time, creativity and effort to bringing that vision to life across the globe. I am extremely proud of the Genasys family and the work we are doing together to make the world a safer place. 

Thank you for your trust in us 

As the launch of our new corporate identity and platform unfolds, we at Genasys have much to be thankful for. Our thanks primarily go to our customers – true partners in advancing response planning and protection and enhancing safety around the world. Together, we go forward making sure they are prepared to deal with any what-if scenario and are always ready when it matters.

So, spend some time on our new website to learn more about Genesys Protect, the world’s first Protective Communications platform, and take note of our new brand while you’re at it. And when you’re ready to move your physical safety initiatives into the era of Protective Communications, please get in touch. We’d love to talk with you.