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Navigating the Solar Eclipse of 2024 with Genasys Protect


By Pedro Candela Terry
Content Marketing Manager, Genasys

Millions of people are gearing up to witness the solar eclipse of 2024 grows. Anticipation is high. However, along with the excitement, public safety officials are faced with managing congestion, ensuring awareness, and facilitating effective communication during this phenomenon. This is where Genasys Protect EVAC, ALERT, CONNECT, ACOUSITCS and TRAFFIC AI by Ladris step in to provide innovative solutions that streamline the experience for both locals and the high influx of visitors. 

Managing Congestion 

With the solar eclipse expected to draw massive crowds to specific regions, like Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Ohio, congestion management becomes paramount. Genasys Protect EVAC integrated with TRAFFIC AI analyzes traffic patterns in real-time, helping to identify bottlenecks, anticipate traffic jams, and facilitate alternatives to get people in and out of the path of totality smoothly. In some ways, it’s much like evacuation and repopulation efforts.  

By identifying congestion hotspots officials can dynamically adjust traffic flow to ensure smoother movement of vehicles, reducing gridlock and frustration among commuters. This improves the overall flow of traffic and enhances safety by minimizing the risk of accidents in crowded areas.

Path of Totality

Enhancing Awareness 

In the midst of the eclipse’s awe-inspiring spectacle, it’s crucial to prioritize public safety awareness. Genasys Protect ALERT serves as a powerful location-based mass communication tool for disseminating real-time alerts and notifications to residents and visitors. 

Whether it’s providing geographically-targeted updates on road closures, traffic jams, safety protocols, or emergency instructions, ALERT ensures that everyone stays informed and prepared throughout the event. By delivering targeted messages via multiple channels like the Genasys mobile app, SMS, social media, and public announcement systems, Genasys empowers communities to stay vigilant and responsive to changing conditions. 

Facilitating Communication 

Clear communication is key to coordinating logistics and managing expectations during large-scale events like the solar eclipse. Genasys Protect CONNECT enables seamless interaction between authorities, event organizers, and the public through real-time chat. This allows stakeholders across different organizations and agencies to collaborate, share information, and coordinate response efforts efficiently. Whether it’s coordinating shuttle services, directing traffic flow, or aiding lost travelers, Genasys ensures that communication remains fluid and effective throughout the duration of the eclipse. 

Besides using effective channels, communication is further enhanced through effective decision making and a common operating picture. TRAFFIC AI accelerates decision-making and the ability to pre-plan effectively. Using EVAC’s common operating picture ensures public safety officials are all on the same page, working from a single source of truth, to deploy a unified response to any threat. 


Harnessing the power of advanced technology and innovative solutions empowers communities to navigate the eclipse experience safely and easily. As the solar eclipse of 2024 captures the world’s attention, Genasys Protect stands ready to revolutionize the way we manage congestion, enhance awareness, and facilitate communication. As we look towards the sky in wonder Genasys ensures a safe, seamless, and memorable eclipse viewing experience for all.

Communities with Genasys Protect on hand will be ready to tackle the crowds, congestion, and any surprises.

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