Free Statewide Staging: It’s for All Public Safety

Our team at Evertel has first-hand experience in policing and public safety. That’s why every feature in the Evertel software is specifically designed to improve communication during regular shifts and emergency management situations. We know what matters in this line of work because we’ve been there ourselves.

Now, with the platform’s disaster preparedness staging room, agencies all across your region—or even statewide—can log in to chatrooms for INSTANT updates. And you don’t even need to be an existing Evertel client to utilize this resource. It’s completely FREE.


Public Safety Communication—Now Faster Than Ever

Whenever a serious alert goes out, there are inevitable delays for collaborative emergency management efforts. There are loads of moving parts, yet we’ve never had a streamlined way for relevant leaders to access the same conversation. A staging room does exactly that.

Evertel is the fastest solution for public safety communication, and this latest development is making the tool even better. The staging room feature will quickly become the central hub for your agency’s disaster risk management process. When leaders have all of the intelligence in REAL time from ANY agency statewide, you can assess the best next steps quickly and more strategically. Using the staging room helps everyone make more informed decisions about responding and where to send your critical resources.


Your Emergency Management Staging Room 

A fast response can be the difference between lives saved and lives lost. Evertel provides every state in the U.S. with free access to a staging room because first responders already do so much for our communities. It’s time to make the job a little easier.

If you utilize your staging room with the rest of the Evertel platform, you’ll have even more tools for modernizing your current disaster preparedness model. Agencies can structure the chat solely for the public safety and elected leaders in your service area. Or you can open it up to an even wider radius. This provides public safety, emergency management, and first responders statewide to be notified when a crisis hits immediately. ALL of these leaders can be notified and updated in less than ONE second.


Be First in Line for the Next Emergency Alert 

You do not have to be an Evertel agency to access this free staging room service. Even if you’re still on the fence about switching to Evertel, you don’t want to be late to the game during an emergency alert. Keeping these situations under control requires clear and consistent public safety communication.

 As an emergency management leader for your region, it’s critical to stay in the know with those minute-by-minute updates. In this industry, we all know that a crisis can strike anytime and anywhere. But now, there’s an even better and easier way to help your agency stay ahead of the problem. All you need to do is claim your access to this FREE service from Evertel. Then you’ll have another powerful tool to keep your community safe.


This is a patent-pending notification system and can be shared with all public safety employees. Our team at Evertel is ready to unlock your agency’s access, so contact us now to get your own account set up. If you have any questions in the meantime, we’re here to help!