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Honoring Pablo Colom’s Illustrious Career at Genasys

“It all began many years ago… I still remember it clearly: A slender guy, with an open smile, always ready to participate and collaborate in whatever was needed. 

Since then, he has proven to be a good and generous man, enterprising and steadfast, wise and prudent. An engine that has brought together people from distant parts of the world: Madrid, Manchester, Sydney, San Diego, with whom he has always known how to forge good friendships and consistently find the bright side.” – Carlos Escarpa Sánchez-Garnica (Popi), Senior Presales Engineer -Spain, Genasys Inc. 

Today, we want to wish a happy retirement to our friend and colleague, Pablo Colom. For over three decades, Pablo has been an integral part of the Genasys family, shaping its trajectory and leaving an indelible mark on all who have had the privilege of working alongside him. His unwavering dedication, visionary guidance, and magnanimous personality have earned him the utmost respect and admiration from colleagues and peers alike.

Genasys II and LRAD Corporation 

Before Genasys Inc. became the global provider of Protective Communications it is today, it emerged as Genasys II in Spain, an early innovator of GIS mapping and emergency notification technology. Pablo joined Genasys II in 1994 and played an especially pivotal role in this chapter of the company’s history, lending his expertise and vision to propel Genasys II to the forefront of GIS mapping and location-based SMS broadcast solutions. Notably in 2013, under Pablo’s leadership as CEO, Genasys II secured a groundbreaking deal in Australia, pioneering the world’s first location-based SMS national emergency warning system—an achievement that underscored Genasys II’s commitment to revolutionizing emergency management. 

At the same time in the U.S., LRAD Corporation was dominating the acoustic hailing device market and seeking to grow its mass notification business. Wanting to expand the Company’s addressable markets, Richard Danforth (Genasys Inc. CEO) and Dennis Klahn (CFO) began vetting mass notification SaaS acquisitions, and in 2018 acquired Genasys II and rebranded to Genasys Inc. a year later. This evolution marked a significant milestone in the Company’s journey, ushering in a new era of innovation and growth. With a shared commitment to excellence, the acquisition paved the way for Genasys Inc. to expand its public safety communications and emergency management reach and impact. 

“The story of LRAD and Genasys II coming together centers around Pablo Colom. We enjoyed great success selling LRADs, but we needed to expand our mass notification product offerings beyond hardware into multiple communication channels; we needed software capabilities we did not have.

Genasys II came across my radar, and I called Pablo. He’s bright, a mathematician, and somewhat of a genius. He had grown Genasys II from a small software company that started back in the 1960s into a key provider of innovative emergency communication solutions.  Since the acquisition, Pablo and his team have been an integral part of the engine that’s driving the success and growth of the Company on the software side. Without the development capacity they bring to us, we would be a much different company. We liked them so much we adopted their name! It’s been a great success over the last 5 years, and Pablo’s largely responsible for it.” – Richard Danforth, CEO, Genasys Inc.

Genasys Inc.

Since the acquisition, Genasys has achieved numerous milestones and contract wins, providing Protective Communications in over 100 countries that cover more than 70 million people, cementing its position as a global leader in public safety, SLED and enterprise emergency management systems and solutions. From strategic acquisitions like Zonehaven (now EVAC) and Evertel (now CONNECT) to groundbreaking technological advancements that enhance critical communications and safety, Genasys has consistently pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in unifying and augmenting hardware and software to protect people and save lives. Under Pablo’s guidance, as CEO of Genasys II and advisor to Genasys Inc., the Company has built a robust, multichannel platform that delivers real-time geo-targeted alerts and notifications to millions worldwide.

Respect and Admiration from Peers and Colleagues

Pablo Colom’s leadership has not only shaped the trajectory of Genasys but has also garnered him immense admiration and respect from colleagues and industry peers. Throughout his illustrious career, Pablo’s unwavering dedication, visionary leadership, and unwavering commitment to excellence have inspired all those around him.

“Back in October 2003, during my selection process to join Genasys, my first contact with Pablo was during a meeting for lunch at the Edelweiss restaurant, very close to the current office in Madrid. Nothing like the usual selection processes! The warmth of the encounter made my desire for that job even greater. Over time, I understood that everything that happened in that meeting was the essence of Pablo’s imprint and vision, which has permeated all of us, and in most cases, with a positive outcome.” – Óscar Sánchez González, General Manager -Spain, Genasys Inc. 

“I have always thought that I’ve been very lucky in life. One of the greatest strokes of luck has been meeting Pablo. With infinite knowledge in all facets, whether it’s the most complex mathematics or the most peculiar historical detail, his greatest value lies in his humanity. With the confidence that knowledge brings, he ventures into challenges where we, without him, wouldn’t feel capable of pursuing. Working and journeying through life with Pablo is a luxury sprinkled with exciting challenges, jokes, anecdotes, interesting discussions, and always finding a good place to grab something to drink, never failing in that regard.” – Álvaro Rojo Pérez, COO -Spain, Genasys Inc. 

“During the three decades since we met, Pablo has given me the opportunity and trust to work by his side. Everything he taught me, his patience with me, and his good deeds towards everyone are things that I will always remember. I can never thank him enough! Now, it’s up to us to maintain the vital and professional spirit that Pablo has always led with.” – Isabel Sancho Sama, Finance & HR – Spain, Genasys Inc.

In Closing

From everyone at Genasys, we extend our deepest gratitude and heartfelt appreciation to Pablo Colom for his decades of service and dedication to Genasys.  As Pablo embarks on a new chapter in his life, we will carry forward his legacy and continue to uphold the values he has instilled in us all. Pablo, thank you for everything, and may your future endeavors be as bright and fulfilling as your time with Genasys.