Ensure people get the lifesaving information they need. Communications can be sent across multiple channels—including audible LRADs and mobile notification software.

Communicating clear and intelligible information is more important than ever. A single missed communication can mean the difference between life and death.

And, even though we live in an always-on, 24×7 connected world, you can’t be entirely sure that timely information is getting through to the people who need it. Too much information can cloud your ability to push through the noise when critical information matters.

Genasys gives you an end-to-end critical communications platform that allows you to reach people over multiple channels whenever and wherever an emergency takes place. The ability to coordinate communications over audible LRADs and sirens as well to mobile devices with SMS, text, email and social media messages greatly enhances the probability that lifesaving instructions are getting through to the people who need them.


  • Have confidence in an emergency

  • Ensure communication delivery across channels

  • Coordinate mass notification communications

  • Increase in reach and range

  • Provide actionable information

  • Leverage in-house design and engineering teams

Our integrated solution works with existing critical communications infrastructure, enhancing clarity, reach and range without having to rip and replace. It also integrates with common emergency communication networks to allow first responders to communicate and coordinate during critical events.

Genasys partners with Nokia to provide the emergency mass notifications nationwide across Australia, delivering more than 150 million messages to date.