Clearly communicate critical information to employees through a mobile app, ensuring workplace safety and productivity.


Campus environments can be collaborative and intimate—but the isolation they provide can make it difficult to appropriately convey day-to-day communications or lifesaving instructions in an emergency. It’s your job to make sure everyone gets the information they need to stay safe and informed.

The Genasys mobile app simplifies online planning, reporting and monitoring with geo-specific two-way communications and multi-media messaging. Our easy-to-use interface gives you fingertip control over the communications that are sent and how they are sent—whether over SMS, text, email, social media or in-app messaging.

A picture of business people walking in a crowded plaza.

Deliver critical corporate announcements or lifesaving instructions. Inform people of the next meeting, announce what’s for lunch or instruct them to shelter in place during an emergency. Get peace of mind knowing your communications will be delivered to the right people at the right time on the appropriate channel.


  • Coordinate mass notification communications

  • Have confidence in an emergency

  • Provide actionable information

  • Avoid misunderstandings

  • Save time and money

  • Leverage in-house design and engineering teams

Genasys builds custom integrated solutions unique to each customer based on use case, size, geography, organization and potential risks. Our platform works with existing corporate communications infrastructure, enhancing clarity, reach and range without having to rip and replace. This includes sensor technologies that detect fire, smoke, gunshots, temperature variants and other environmental conditions.