Make sure people know what is going on around them so they can take action during critical situations to stay safe.

In any critical situation, knowledge is the key to staying safe. People in harm’s way need to know when to evacuate, where to go, and how to avoid other dangers that lay in their path. But someone has to relay that information in a way that is accessible—even when emergencies take out existing communications channels.

A picture of vehicles on a highway with dark stormy clouds overhead

Genasys gives people the situational awareness they need to stay safe in an emergency. Critical information can be sent out across multiple channels—whether audibly through sirens or LRADs or across mobile mass notification software in the form of SMS, text, emails or social media messaging. This greatly increases the probability messages get through and people have the situational awareness they need to stay safe.


  • Reduce time to action

  • Have confidence in an emergency

  • Avoid misunderstandings

  • Multi-modal channels ensure communications delivery

  • Increase in reach and range

  • Leverage in-house design and engineering teams

Our integrated solution works with existing communications infrastructure, enhancing clarity, reach and range without having to rip and replace. It also integrates with common emergency communication networks to allow first responders to communicate and coordinate during critical events.