A New Information Landscape

Deliver clear, lifesaving communications before, during and after critical events—even if one or more communications channels fail during a disaster.

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The world is getting more dangerous—and it’s up to you to make sure people receive the information they need to stay safe. Receiving an emergency order to evacuate can literally mean the difference between life or death.

Unfortunately, many emergency response organizations do not feel they have the tools to reach everyone who needs critical information. What if cellular networks fail? Or employees are spread out across a large campus? What if you need to communicate with people with disabilities who may have trouble hearing or accessing mobile communications?


Genasys gives you the peace of mind that you are able to disseminate timely, lifesaving instructions to people in need over multiple channels — including Long-Range Acoustic Devices (LRADs), sirens, SMS, text message, email and social media.


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    Have confidence in an emergency

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    Reduce time to action

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    Improve coordination among first responders

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    Avoid misunderstandings

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    Save time and money

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    Leverage in-house design and engineering teams

Our integrated solution works with existing critical communications infrastructure, enhancing clarity, reach and range without having to rip and replace. It also integrates with common emergency communication networks to allow first responders to communicate and coordinate during critical events.

Genasys partners with Nokia to provide the emergency notifications nationwide across Australia, delivering more than 150 million messages to date..

“Early warning is a major element of disaster risk reduction. It prevents loss of life and reduces the economic and material impact of disaster.”

United Nations, International Strategy for Disaster Reduction