LRAD In Action

LRAD 950 RXL Davis Dam

Davis Dam spans the Nevada/Arizona border on the Colorado River 67 miles downstream from Hoover Dam
and 88 miles upstream from Parker Dam. The dam impounds Lake Mohave and features a hydroelectric
facility on the Arizona side of the Colorado River.

Road Work Safety – The Netherlands

In the Netherlands, the LRAD 450XL is being tested to alert drivers entering road work zones to slow down and pay attention to visual warnings. (Courtesy of Surcom)

LRAD 500X-MMT Air-to-Ground Communication System

The helicopter mounted LRAD 500X MMT broadcasts up to 2000 meters, is self-powered and not connected to any aircraft systems.

Horn System vs. LRAD – State College, PA

Pennsylvania State Police used a helicopter-mounted horn system in a dangerous low-altitude attempt to broadcast warnings to tailgaters before a Penn. State football game on September 30, 2018. The LRAD 500X-MMT has a 2000-meter air-to-ground communication range and broadcasts voice messages that are clearly heard and understood above rotor wash and background noise.

Ship to Shore Communication – Portsmouth, UK

The Portsmouth Police Marine Unit use a vessel-mounted LRAD 300X for ship-to-shore communication. In this video, the police warn prospective pier jumpers.
(Courtesy of UK Ministry of Defence Police)

Vehicle-Mounted LRAD Demonstration

Crowd and Protest Communications – Rochester, NY

Crowd and Protest Communications – San Diego, CA

San Diego Police use an LRAD 300X during a political protest in May 2016. (Courtesy of Breitbart)

Crowd Communications – Buffalo, NY

The Buffalo police have a new tool to help bring order to noisy and out-of-control crowds. LRAD lets police send a clear message over long distances. “This is the best device on the market,” said Lt. Jeff Rinaldo of the Buffalo PD.
(Courtesy of WIVB)

Law Enforcement Communications – Columbus, OH

Columbus, OH PD police unveil a new, high-tech audio device, the LRAD, or Long Range Acoustic Device, which they plan to use for crowd control, SWAT operations, barricaded suspects, and communicating to citizens during emergency situations.

Communication Saves Lives – Greensboro, NC

“I am sure, positive 100% that in certain instances it will be able to save not only one life, but numerous lives.” Capt. Jonathan Franks – Greensboro PD (Courtesy of WFMY)

Fire Evacuation Notices – Colorado

The La Plata County Sheriff’s Department deploys a truck-mounted LRAD 100X to broadcast evacuation notices to the residents of homes endangered by the fast moving 416 Fire. (Video Content Courtesy of KMGH)

LRAD is Law Enforcement’s Communication System of Choice

LRAD is Law Enforcement’s system of choice to communicate critical information, warnings, and messages.

LRAD is the Communication & EOF System of Choice for Defense Forces

Military organizations around the world are filling the critical gap between initial engagement and EOF with LRAD’s unparalleled long-range communication and scalable non-lethal, non-kinetic deterrent tones.

LRAD 100X Overview

LRAD 450XL Overview

LRAD 100X Carry Pack Overview

LRAD 100X Tactical Pack

LRAD 450XL Power Pack Overview

Medium Duty Tripod Overview

Oklahoma County, OK SWAT Uses LRAD to Serve High Risk Warrant and Defuse Dangerous Situation