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Community Emergency Communications – Muskogee, OK

The City of Muskogee may soon be investing in a new emergency communication system after a recent demo to city and county officials of an LRAD Mobile Mass Notification Trailer System. (Courtesy of KOTV)

Genasys vs. Siren-Only System – Menlo Park, CA

Atherton and Menlo Park, CA fire, police and public safety officials experience the superiority of a Genasys Mass Notification system versus a siren installation.

Long Range Mass Notification – South Korea

The voice broadcast range of the LRAD 360X is tested at 1,700 meters. (Courtesy of LUMIN Vision)

Genasys IPAWS Demonstration – San Diego, CA

Genasys Inc. and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) teamed to provide emergency management officials an online demonstration of Genasys’  LRAD 360XT solar-powered mass notification system receiving and broadcasting a test message from FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS).

Genasys IPAWS-Compatible Emergency Warning Systems – Puerto Rico

Genasys systems were ordered under the first phase of a Federal Emergency Management Agency (“FEMA”) funded critical infrastructure project . The systems feature solar power and satellite connectivity, ensuring continuous operation if the power or communications infrastructure fails. The FEMA project is part of a larger program to provide a standard, unified mass notification system for Puerto Rico’s populated areas, and to speed disaster response and recovery.
(Courtesy of WFOR, WAPA and FEMA)

Genasys Mass Notification System Test Newport Beach, CA – West Newport Park

Genasys Satellite-Activated Emergency Warning System – Mill Valley, CA

The City of Mill Valley activates its City Hall Genasys public safety voice notification system via satellite using the Company’s Genasys mobile application.
(Courtesy of the City of Mill Valley)

Laguna Beach, CA EOC, Brendan Manning, Discusses the City’s Genasys Emergency Warning System

Genasys Emergency Warning System Installations – Mill Valley, CA

Mill Valley is the first city in the Bay Area to replace its siren-only installations with Genasys emergency warning systems. James Wickham, mayor of Mill Valley, commented on social media, “The City of Mill Valley is excited to announce the installation of new and more powerful emergency sirens to replace our aging system. These sirens are known as “LRADs” – Long Range Acoustic Devices – and they project both siren and voice recordings to alert and inform the community.” (Courtesy of KGO)

Genasys Public Safety Notification Systems Help Protect Residents and Visitors – Laguna Beach, CA

During a series of storms in February 2019, Laguna Beach, CA public safety officials used its LRAD systems to warn of potential flooding in the downtown area. (Courtesy of KABC)

Genasys Systems Replace Antiquated Warning Sirens – Mill Valley, CA

Following the devastating fires in Northern California, the city of Mill Valley authorized a series of upgrades to its existing communications systems. One of the upgrades is to replace our old siren system that has been in place for decades. The new communication system – LRAD – Long Range Acoustical Device – is being installed in five locations in Mill Valley. We at the Mill Valley Fire Department feel this is an important new addition to emergency preparedness.
(Courtesy of the City of Mill Valley)

Wildfire Emergency Warning – California

Genasys’ LRAD – Long Range Acoustic Device – a super-specialized speaker optimized for sending warning tones and verbal messages over long distances so everyone can hear and understand voice clearly. The town of Mill Valley California upgraded all five of its air raid sirens to (LRADs) with satellite (connectivity) and battery backup. For less than the price of one fire truck, they can tell people how to survive.
(Courtesy of KXTV)

Genasys – The Only Unified Multi-Channel Public Safety Platform

We are the only unified platform with industry-leading acoustic technology and mobile mass notification software for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Genasys distributes clear, concise communications to keep operations running and save lives during critical situations.

Fukushima Japan – Genasys 360X Demonstration

Serene Lakes, CA 360XT Demonstration

Genasys Emergency Management (GEM) Unified Multichannel Solution