Deliver clear, concise communications across acoustic and mobile notification channels to make sure everyone in a specific geographic area is getting the urgent and essential information they need to stay safe.


Genasys integrated solution is the only emergency warning system that broadcasts warning sirens, highly intelligible voice messages and geo-specific mobile alerts from a single web-based dashboard in the cloud.

Infographic demonstrating the IPAWS process

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Whether it’s through crystal-clear long-range acoustic devices or geo-located mobile notifications sent by SMS, text, email and social media, everyone has multiple ways and opportunities to receive up-to-date, life-saving instructions before, during and after critical events.


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    Deliver life-saving information to anyone in a defined geographic area

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    Provide the scalability, portability and availability needed to communicate in any situation

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    Seamlessly integrate with existing critical communication

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    Control the messages that go out over specific channels and to who

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    Send messages over existing cellular technology, requiring no hardware or proprietary network

Genasys builds custom integrated solutions unique to each customer based on use case, size, geography, organization and potential risks that comes with the mass notification industry’s highest speed intelligibility rating. Our integrated solutions are solar powered, come with satellite connectivity options and are not reliant on external power or communication infrastructure.