Oil & Gas Platforms

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Perro Negro 3 Platform

LRAD was installed on the Perro Negro 3 to communicate with ships approaching the OPLAT. LRAD is utilized to broadcast warnings and commands to fishing boats, keeping them away from the OPLAT. LRAD is a vital capability in a layered OPLAT security plan.

Gulf of Mexico – Platform Dive Operation

The Sang, a 75 ft. fishing boat, entered a Chevron dive area. The dive operator immediately initiated radio calls ordering the Sang to change course due to divers in the water. After receiving no reply from the Sang, blue smoke flares were fired, but to no avail. The dive operator then used an LRAD to broadcast pre-recorded English and Vietnamese warnings to the Sang. The Sang immediately stopped, retrieved its nets, turned 180° and left the area.

Before LRAD, flags, lights and flares were used to deter encroaching boats without much success. After testing verified a 2000-meter communication range, Chevron now requires LRAD 500X systems on all lift boat dive operations.