Genasys Workforce Management

Keeping Employees Safe and Productive

Assign, track and communicate with your teams.

GWM is a low-cost and easy-to-use solution for planning tasks and managing workplace incidents. GWM enables companies to reduce operational costs and increase employee productivity by monitoring activities in real time.

Use Case: Disaster Response & Relief

Online, Planning, Monitoring & Reporting

  • Internet Based: provides real-time employee management, planning, and monitoring.
  • GWM application installed on employees’ mobile phones to enable real-time incident reporting, task progress, work forms, situational images and more.
  • Work schedules are planned and sent to employees who view them in the GWM application.
  • When workplace incidents occur or a security breach is detected, employees use GWM to report it to management. Managers can quickly respond by deploying the necessary resources and re-assigning employees to the incident area.
  • Images can be attached to GWM reports to provide managers a remote view of work and incident areas.
  • GWM reports are accessible from any Internet-connected device and authorized user access.

GWM Report Benefits and Features:

  • Rapid deployment
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Increased employee productivity and accountability
  • Timely incident response
  • Workplace task flexibility
  • Easy and intuitive application
  • Non-compliance and exception alerts
  • Real-time incident alerts
  • Pre-configured reports
  • Format flexibility

Client Spotlight

PROSEGUR uses GWM for managing security services and monitoring guards and incidents in real time.