National Emergency Warning Systems

Reliable Emergency Communication

When major disasters strike, existing infrastructure is disrupted and compromised, power and communication systems fail, rural areas can be isolated and urban streets can become impassible and dangerous. Reliable communication for maintaining civil order, conducting search and rescue operations, and providing relief distribution is critical to saving lives.

Warning and information are just as important as food and water before, during, and after the occurence of an emergency situation.

Red Cross, World Disaster Report

The unified Genasys platform delivers multi-channel public safety warnings, notifications, instructions and information to everyone in, or entering into, a crisis-affected area. Genasys solutions are highly effective in communicating lifesaving information over large areas before, during, and after emergency situations.

Although sirens can alert a large number of people, they carry the least specific type of information. Sirens cannot convey clear instructions about the nature of the hazard and what are the appropriate protective action recommendations to a population at risk.

Michael K. Lindell & Ronald W. Perry

Genasys – The Only Unified Solution for Critical Communications

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