Genasys is the critical communications company.

We are the only unified platform with industry-leading acoustic technology and mobile mass notification software for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Genasys distributes clear, concise communications to keep operations running and save lives during critical situations.

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Genasys Platform

Protect and save lives

Our critical communication systems are being used around the world in diverse applications including public safety, national emergency warning systems, mass notification, defense, law enforcement, critical infrastructure protection, and many more applications. The more channels essential information is disseminated on, the more likely it is that people will receive it and rapidly act.


Genasys ensures people get the clear and concise information they need in a timely manner before, during and after a critical event.


As the inventors of LRAD, Genasys has been a known and trusted leader in the critical communications space.


Genasys is a complete solution that can receive input from virtually any sensor and to any output.


Genasys makes sure that people have the timely information and instructions they need to stay safe during and after a critical situation.

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