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Genasys Emergency Management (GEM)

A comprehensive, unified emergency notification system that enables organizations to alert everyone over multiple channels with a single click. Send alerts and notifications to personnel, employees or the public in real-time using a single web-based dashboard.

With Genasys

Initiate phone calls, push SMS messages, send emails, post to social media, activate FEMA IPAWS to override regular programming on local FM radio and TV stations, and alert all cellphones in affected areas with the push of a button.

Delegate GEM capabilities to sub-organizations, including local first responders and area emergency managers, to initiate messages and provide critical information to affected populations.

GEMis integrated with FEMA IPAWS , WEA 3.0 and CAP, and easily integrates with sensors and legacy systems for rapid deployment.



Long-Range Communication System for COVID-19 Public Safety Operations

Genasys’ LRAD systems extend safety zones between Operators and the Public to safely communicate critical information to individuals and groups from distance. LRAD systems deliver messages and notifications to people inside vehicles and buildings, facilitate Coronavirus drive-through testing, provide communications for outdoor testing and triage centers, and broadcast group dispersal messages.

Bullhorns, megaphones and mobile public address systems have limited intelligibility and broadcast range creating significant communications challenges. Biohazard suits and other protective gear also create communication challenges. LRAD voice broadcast systems feature exceptional vocal clarity and are easy and safe to operate when wearing protective gear.

View Video - LRAD Systems Used in COVID-19 Public Safety Operations