SoundSaber X-120

Advanced Line Array Driver Technology Delivers the Industry’s Best Public Address & Mass Notification

The Genasys SoundSaber-X (SS-X) is the next generation of line array mass notification speakers. The Genasys SS-X features a new lightweight, rugged, and highly efficient driver technology that provides exceptional voice intelligibility and utilizes 66% less power to generate 16dB more than the SS400. The Genasys SS-X alleviates reflection and echoing to provide uniform acoustic coverage with wide audio dispersion along the short axis and narrow dispersion along the long axis. Genasys’  advanced line array speaker technology ensures broadcasts are clearly heard and understood in high ambient noise environments. The thin form factor of the SS-X enables unobtrusive installation. The Genasys SS-X features the industry’s highest intelligibility and is easily configurable for large indoor or outdoor areas. Genasys SS-X loudspeakers are housed in robust, low-profile, all-weather enclosures designed for permanent indoor and outdoor installation.
  1. Robust, all weather enclosure for permanent outdoor installation
  2. Galvanized steel mount with elevation adjustment
  3. Public safety and emergency notification in one system
  4. Unparalleled vocal clarity and intelligibility
  5. Life safety alert and communication system
  6. Audio output quickly and easily modulated
  7. Easily installed and operated