Genasys 360XL-MID

Powered by Genasys XL Driver Technology

Genasys’ indoor/outdoor omni­directional emergency warning and public address system is housed in a lightweight, compact form factor. Featuring the mass notification industry’s highest Speech Transmission Index (STI) measurement, every word in an Genasys 360XL-MID broadcast is clearly heard and understood up to a 2.0 sq. km area. Ideal for urban areas, small campuses, industrial sites, and government & defense facilities, the Genasys 360XL-MID is portable or can be installed on existing infrastructure or buildings, light poles, etc. The Genasys 360XL-MID safely delivers voice and emergency broadcasts with unsurpassed clarity and range in uniform 360° coverage. Available in one and two emitter configurations, the Genasys’ 360XL-MID is powered and controlled by Genasys’ Compact Control Cabinet (CCC). Command & Control software connects to the CCC over a TCP/IP network to activate recorded messages and warning tones, and enables live voice streaming to one or several Genasys voice systems. The CCC features flexible mass notification system command and control via TCP/IP, WiFi, Fiber, GPRS/GSM or L-Band satellite
  1. Lightweight & compact form factor does not require heavy equipment for installation
  2. Low power consumption for extended power outages
  3. Unparalleled vocal clarity and intelligibility
  4. Superior speech intelligibility
  5. Low power runs on AC and/or DC
  6. Operator volume & range control
  7. Compatible with Compact Control Cabinet
  1. 360° uniform sound coverage
  2. Highly intelligible voice communications up to 2.0 sq. km
  3. Clearly communicate over large indoor & outdoor areas