Genasys 360XL-MID Mobile Kit

Powered by LRAD XL Driver Technology

Rapidly Deployable Public Safety Notification System Features Industry-Leading Vocal Clarity

Comprised of a Genasys 360XL-MID emitter, ruggedized carrying case power amplifier, hardened control module, all weather push-to-talk mic, tripod and other accessories, the Genasys 360XL-MID Mobile Kit provides a completely self-contained solution for applications requiring advanced mobile mass notification. Featuring the mass notification industry’s highest Speech Transmission Index (STI) measurement, the Genasys 360XL-MID Mobile Kit broadcasts voice messages with exceptional vocal clarity in uniform 360° coverage over 2 sq. km. The rugged Mobile Kit is lightweight, compact and provides hours of continuous mass notification broadcasts. Rapidly deployable, the Genasys 360XL-MID Mobile Kit is ideal for defense, homeland security, public safety and law enforcement mass notification applications.
  1. Complete mass notification kit (emitter head, power amplifier, control module, push-to-talk mic)
  2. Lightweight & compact form factor
  3. Low power consumption for hours of continuous audio broadcasts
  4. Unparalleled vocal clarity and intelligibility
  5. Operator volume & range control
  1. 360° uniform sound coverage
  2. Highly intelligible voice communications over 2.0 sq. km. area
  3. Broadcasts heard and understood over background noise