Clear Communication for Vehicles, Vessels & Remote Weapon Stations

Easily mounted and transported to provide a highly effective, long range communication and warning capability, the LRAD 300X broadcasts clear, authoritative voice commands and attention-commanding deterrent tones to determine intent, safely modify behavior, enhance response capabilities, and scale the Escalation of Force if necessary. Low profile, lightweight and designed for use on small vessels, vehicles and Common Remotely Operated Weapon Stations (CROWS), the LRAD 300X is being used around the world for defense, security and law enforcement applications.
  1. Rugged. military tested construction
  2. Low power requirements
  3. All-weather use
  4. Scalable, lightweight & portable
  5. Simple to operate – Increased coverage with single operator
  6. Safer alternative to non-lethal and kinetic measures
  1. Highly intelligible communication up to 1,000 meters
  2. Safely communicates beyond standoff distances to determine intent
  3. Variable beam width for extended coverage
  4. Clear, long range, directional communication
  5. Establishes instant acoustic standoff perimeter