Genasys Mass Notification Software

Genasys CCaaS (Critical Communications as a Service) is a mobile notification platform that enables emergency personnel, first responders, municipalities, companies and educational institutions to send public safety warnings and notifications to the mobile phones of affected populations in specific geographic areas.

Easy to Use Command Interface

Advanced Public Safety Notifications

Cloud-based, remotely monitored and activated via IP, fiber, satellite, Wi-Fi, Ethernet or hardwire, Genasys systems are easily configured to provide the most advanced voice broadcast and mobile alert notification solutions available.

Geo-Targeted Mobile Alerts

Deliver location-based communications to mobile devices in a defined geographic area with reliability, speed and ease. Deliver SMS, text, email, and social media messaging by drawing a polygon around an area on a digital map to select recipients. Geo-Fence an affected area so only those within, or entering into, the boundaries receive alerts and updates.

Remote Activation

Activate notifications from a desktop or our mobile app anywhere, anytime. Panic button feature allows remote activation with one push. Designed for ease of use and reliability, our interface gives emergency managers control, speed, and reliability in alerting.

IPAWS Integration

Genasys Critical Communications software fully integrates with alerting protocols, including IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert Warning System), WEA (Wireless Emergency Alerts) and CAP (Common Alerting Protocols).

Real-Time Situational Awareness

Without using any personally identifiable information, Genasys CCaaS locates the total number of active SIM card users connected to a cell tower at a specific time and monitors if they remain in the vicinity. This information is updated before sending an alert, ensuring everyone in a crisis-affected area is sent critical alerts and notifications. Knowing the number of people in an affected area is essential to effectively deploying first responders and emergency personnel.


Genasys’ CCaaS solutions include full analytics for tracking and reporting message deliveries by channel. Re-route notifications through more effective channels to increase recipient delivery rates. Use reporting to create better templates for quick, effective, on-the-fly alerting.

Globally Supported and Scalable

Genasys solutions work anywhere in the world on dedicated in-country and in-region clouds, so data is always compliant with privacy laws. With our no single point of failure technology stack we are a truly highly available and resilient service.

In addition to SMS, phone, email, push, social media and CAP, Genasys offers its LRAD state-of-the-art systems for public safety mass notification. LRAD systems broadcast audible alerts and emergency notifications with industry-leading vocal clarity and area coverage. Featuring solar power, battery backup and satellite connectivity, LRAD systems continue to operate when existing power and telecommunications infrastructure goes down.

Multi-Channel, Multi-Agency Alerting

In addition to location-based SMS, address-based and directory-based alerting are available to distribute messages using geo-coded national, business , first responder, emergency preparedness or other address registers. Genasys delivers Public Warning alerts through:

  • Location-Based SMS
  • Cell Broadcast
  • Mobile Push Notifications
  • Voice
  • Email
  • LRAD mass notification speaker arrays
  • CAP Compliant for Sirens, TV, Radio, Digital Displays
  • Social Media – Facebook and Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube

For nation-wide alerting, multiple stakeholders and authorized users have access to the same solution, tailored for each jurisdiction. From national to regional / state level, from emergency managers to police and fire districts, each agency can have its own defined set of templates, roles, hierarchies and directories.

Download the Genasys Platform Overview and Systems Guide

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  • Reliability

    Deliver life-saving information to anyone with a mobile device in a defined geographic area

  • Savings

    Send messages over existing cellular technology, requiring no hardware or proprietary network

  • Orchestration

    Control the messages that go out over specific channels and to who

  • Flexibility

    Provide the scalability, portability and availability needed to communicate in any situation

  • Integration

    Seamlessly integrate with existing critical communication infrastructure, including LRADs, sirens, alarms and sensors